Noisy Turbine Shut Down

It got noisy, so the town filed for and was granted a noise abatement.

independence wind turbine

It got hit by lightning, which fried a controller and caused a shutdown.

Then the town realized it needed even tighter restrictions on noise output, so a modified abatement was filed.

The company appealed that.

Today, the wind turbine off Exit 8 isn’t spinning; it got too noisy again.

The ongoing saga of Kingston Wind Independence LLC, the owner of the turbine, or KWI, and the town of Kingston, which leases the property on which it sits, continued last week with a shutdown, this time for an indefinite period of time.

The problem?

The turbine’s yaw system, which adjusts the angle of the blade’s rotation around its vertical axis, has a defect.

“There’s a problem and they can’t quite figure it out,” Town Planner Thomas Bott said. “It’s making too much noise.”

Independence Wind Turbine defective in Kingston, USA.


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