Tragic Support for Destruction of the Oak Ridges Moriane

WPD Wild Turkey Road

WpdCanada at work on Wild Turkey Rd in the Oak Ridges Moraine.

Re: Letter to the Editor: Landowner has ‘no complaints’ about work being done by wind company in Manvers Twp.

Industrialization of the natural environment is never good or beneficial, despite Mr. McKim’s protestations to the opposite.

No person truly interested in preserving our natural heritage now and for future generations would support such carnage. Mr. McKim is supporting the start of the plan to clear a one-kilometre stretch along the unopened road allowance known as Wild Turkey Road people used to use as a nature trail.

The trees being cut down are 70 to 90 years in age.

The  wind energy developer has also been granted permission to clear a six-metre wide swath of trees along an additional 1.75 km stretch of another unopened pioneer trail called Gray Road to accommodate the larger than normal requisite hydro poles. Some of those trees along this trail are more than 100 years old. The trees and ground vegetation to be razed not only provide a wildlife movement corridor but also provide habitat for wildlife that use the large pond found bordering this trail and neighbouring wetland.
In addition, the developer will also clear .4 hectares or approximately one acre of a designated significant woodland that supports another wetland.
All this for one five-wind-turbine project, that, if running at full capacity, which only happens 25 to 30 per cent of the time, might provide energy equivalent to the needs of 2,500 homes.

Mr. McKim’s assertion of having no complaints over this destruction and keen support for industrial energy projects on the unique Oak Ridges Moraine has opened the floodgates to large scale destruction of this unique landform.
What a sad legacy.

Jane Zednik


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