Small Change for Big Burden


March 29, 2016
Grimsby Lincoln News

Re. West Lincoln will get $9.2M wind turbine boost, March 18:

Do not be surprised if the residents of West Lincoln are not ecstatic about receiving $9.2M.  Sure, it sounds like a lot of money, but remember it is paid in yearly installments of only $460,000.

It will take 20 years before the money is all in.

When you consider that 44 turbines will be installed, for which the wind proponent expects to make 1M a year, which means $880,000,000 in 20 years, and the lease land owners expect receive a yearly installment of $50,000 for each turbine, equaling $1M, it sort of makes 9.2M paid to West Lincoln small change for the imposition of this project on our community.

Nellie DeHaan, Smithville

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