Wainfleet Press Release and Wind Turbine Adverse Effects to be Investigated by Huron Health Unit

TO: All concerned FROM: Area-wide Concerned Residents of Huron County: Jeanne Melady, Gerry Ryan, Patti Kellar, Carla & Mike Stachura

SUBJECT: Huron County Health Unit – Health Concerns from IWT’s On March 1, 2016, the Huron County Health Unit stated it will investigate the concerns of residents regarding potential health effects of wind turbines, in keeping with their legislative duty to investigate potential population health hazards

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Municipalities Call for Ontario to Stop Issuing Wind Turbine Contracts WAINFLEET – March 4, 2016 – Fifty-one municipalities have endorsed the resolution passed by the Township of Wainfleet Council in late January 2016 that calls on the Ontario government not to award more Feed-InTariff contracts for power generation from wind.

The resolution was based on December’s Auditor General Report which reported that Ontario has a surplus of power generation capacity and, under existing contracts, is paying double what other jurisdictions are paying for wind power. Adding more surplus generation capacity would add to the already high costs of disposing of surplus electricity.

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