Moral Compass – Letter

moralcompassI have to date written many many letters to this paper attempting to describe/tell/reveal the true nature of what the town’s municipal wind turbines have meant, how they have affected, and what I have learned from living obviously too close to these machines for now near six years. These years and this experience have given me quite an education.

#1. About the adverse consequences of living within 1,600 feet of industrial wind turbines,

#2. What one can realistically expect from one’s local and state government bodies and even one’s fellow citizens, and #3, how the laws of the land fail to protect us. Justice delayed is justice denied.

At no point did I ever wish to bring suit against this town. We attempted to use the democratic process by allowing the town to lead us along through their plan after plan of what would remedy the situation. The town’s telling us that Vestas needed to fine tune the machines, that the wrong blades had been installed, there was a continual chain of promises that the problem of noise would be mitigated.

There was the July 2010 victim’s reports sound study. We allowing them to operate Wind II just to see if it caused similar complaints as had Wind I.

There was the Edith Ness interviews of everyone involved which would lead to consensus and remedy the situation.

Then there was the 28 week WTOP committee which resulted in the selectmen unanimously voting to shut down the turbines.

At three separate Town Meetings we submitted an article to shut down the turbines due to their adverse affects on abutters. Once the article passed but still resulted in no action taken. The town dragged us on and on and on.

Now, and not surprising at this point, the town attorneys use something called “laches” to throw out our case. We did not file soon enough! We victims bail out one by one as the attorney fees and our endurance overwhelm us. The town wins by default which appears to be their overall strategy.

We turbine neighbors stand on the hill of right yet we have somehow been turned into the villains of this wind power fiasco. At my new “safe zone” in the Dominican Republic which replaces my former “safe zone” in Falmouth I painted one outside wall with “The Town of Falmouth Massachusetts has lost its moral compass.”

I am sorry if people cannot educate themselves enough to see the folly of this town project and the life changing effects it has had on those unfortunates who live too near its errant siting.

Barry Funfar, Ridgeview Drive, West Falmouth

The Falmouth Enterprise, BARRY FUNFAR Dec 25, 2015

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