South Shore Update

South Shore Update

December 28, 2015                                                                                                    

download (1)Earlier I told you about the changes to the way the funds we raise are being handled.  This change was made at the request of our legal team.  Essentially all funds raised by PECFN and APPEC are going into one pot.  The money in this pot will be apportioned to legal expenses totally at the discretion of our lawyer, Eric Gillespie.  As a result we established a new bank account called the South Shore Appeal Fund (SSAF).  We are transitioning to allow direct deposit into this account online with paypal.  Please make any cheques payable to South Shore Appeal Fund, and mail them to South Shore Appeal Fund, P.O. Box 173, Milford, ON  K0K 2PO.

Another transition is taking place in our web presence.  The url will be changed over the next little while to We thank Marilyn Sprissler for taking care of this for us.  The web site will continue to have important information about appeals and fund raising for both the Ostrander Point and the White Pines cases.

There are important dates for you to know about in January.  On January 15 the final oral presentations in the Ostrander Point ERT will be heard at 10:00am at Human Rights Tribunal Ontario (HRTO) Hearing Rooms, 14th Floor, 655 Bay Street, Toronto. 

A teleconference call line will be available to attend from a remote location.  Please use the following instructions to call in: Dial 416-212-8014 or toll free 1-866-500-5845.  Enter Conference ID: 1 2 1 9 6 3 4 followed by the “#” key and wait for the moderator to join the conference.

On January 20 and 21 the final oral presentations in the White Pines ERT Appeal will be heard in the County.  More information about this will come later, but if at all possible please plan to attend in support of John Hirsch and APPEC who have struggled through a very difficult ERT.

January 16 brings our Winter Wonderland Walk.  This is a fun event to raise some money while you walk off some of those Christmas treats.  Registration is easy – just reply to this email.  We plan that the $10 registration fee will cover the event advertising.  You just need to ask your friends and neighbours to support your walk with a donation to the South Shore Appeal Fund.  All the details are here:

Finally, I wish you a very Happy New Year in a turbine free Prince Edward County. 

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