Construction of more Industrial Wind Turbines will Increase CO2 emissions

Mr. Chiarelli and Ms. Wynne:

When the GEA was introduced in 2009, the intent was to reduce CO2 emissions as well as to create jobs in the renewable energies sector.

Figure 20 of the long term energy plan from 2013 states that over the next 10 years, CO2 emissions will increase.  A different document published by the PEO states that construction of more industrial wind turbines will increase CO2 emissions because of the gas backup that is required for the unreliable wind power.  Here are two documents (one of them is your own government document) stating the CO2emissions will increase.  Both documents are attached.

There have been recent closures of turbine tower manufacturing plants and turbine blade manufacturing plants across Ontario resulting in job losses in the industrial wind turbine sector.  There has been a net loss of manufacturing jobs in Ontario since the GEA was passed.  This was to be expected as the auditor general predicted job losses will increase because of renewable energies. This prediction is in the auditor general’s report of 2011.

The question needs to be asked – Since wind turbines increase CO2 emissions and decreases jobs, why is the Ontario government continuing down the path of renewables and specifically industrial wind turbines?  The electricity bills of the ratepayers continue to increase and this can be directly attributed to the rates and subsidies paid to the wind companies.  Some hydro rates have increased to the point that customers can no longer afford to have electricity delivered to their homes.  The recent auditor general’s report states that Ontario ratepayers have paid $37 billion extra for electricity from 2006 – 2014.  This is appalling!  When is the Ontario government going to realize that Industrial Wind Turbines are bad for the economy, bad for the environment, and bad for job creation?

Please respond to this concern.

Lois Johnson

Achieving Balance – Ontario’s Long-Term Energy Plan


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