Ontarians paid $37 billion extra for electricity from 2006-14, says auditor general Bonnie Lysyk

auditor-general.jpg.size.xxlarge.letterboxOntario’s electricity consumers are being zapped for tens of billions of dollars due to overpriced green energy, poor government planning, and shoddy service from Hydro One, says auditor general Bonnie Lysyk.

In her annual report, she concluded ratepayers forked out $37 billion more than necessary from 2006 to 2014 and will spend an additional $133 billion by 2032 due toglobal adjustment electricity fees on hydro bills.

Energy Minister Bob Chiarelli quickly disagreed, saying the charge was created by the previous Progressive Conservative government to reflect the “true cost” of generating electricity, including conservation measures, and to encourage producers to build power plants in Ontario.

“The word ‘overpaying’ (doesn’t) even enter into the equation,” Chiarelli told reporters Wednesday on the eve of his announcement on refurbishing the province’s aging nuclear reactors.

In 14 value-for-money audits spanning 773 pages, Lysyk also shone a light on problems with Ontario’s 47 children’s aid societies — including dubious executive expenses — community care access centres, and school buses to the bungled SAMS social assistance computer system and the lack of a plan for dealing with contaminated waste.

The report is “a stinging indictment of 12 years of Liberal waste and mismanagement,” said Tory MPP Lisa MacLeod (Nepean-Carleton).

read more: http://www.thestar.com/news/queenspark/2015/12/02/ontario-consumers-likely-paying-billions-extra-for-hydro-one-decisions-auditor-general.html

Office of the Auditor General of Ontario Annual Report 2015    2015AR_en_final

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