Rule of Law. Green Energy Act to be challenged by Judical Review. No one is above the law not even the Government

udicial review team challenging ‘oppressive’Green Energy Act

When government and the interests of big business align, it is often individual rights and freedoms that get trampled upon, according to the Osgoode Law School students working with a group of County residents and lawyers seeking a judicial review of the Green Energy Act (GEA).

“When that happens, we rely on the law to restore the balance,” said Sabrina Molinari. “No one is above the law—not even government.”

Molinari is one of five Osgoode Law School students working with Alan Whiteley and other County residents who believe that the GEA is badly conceived and flawed legislation that overrides citizens’ rights and diminishes environmental protections and safeguards for the benefit of developers and big business. Three of the five joined supporters of the cause at the Grange of Prince Edward winery on Saturday.

A judicial review is a legal process to examine legislation or a government order and has the power to invalidate laws if they are found to contravene higher authorities such as the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

It is a big job. Specifically, the group wants the court to examine how provincial authorities arrived at the decision to grant a developer with a Renewable Energy Approval (REA) for the White Pines wind project, which comprises industrial wind turbines stretching from Milford south toward the edge of the Prince Edward Point national wildlife area.

read more:  The Times, November 13, 2015

One thought on “Rule of Law. Green Energy Act to be challenged by Judical Review. No one is above the law not even the Government”

  1. This Government being Liberal requires that the Law does not apply to them in order to carry out their agenda. Liberals since the time of Laurier need “patronage” to stay in power. Be it the teacher unions or the green energy industry, aka GE, Vesta, etc. Wind power in Ontario is a political “fraud”. The wind resources in this province (according to internal GE data) will not provide viable electrical power. The Liberals will not admit their “error”. So this legal approach seems our best option at this point in time.

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