Infrasound research – University of Waterloo


Announcement (Nov 3, 2015).  I am pleased to announce that University of Waterloo has approved funding for my research in Infra sound.  A research summary is provided here (PDF).

Note: Research funding is available for undergraduate research assistants (URA, both part time full time).  Areas of interest: Embeded computing, Computer Audio, and/or Electronics.  Feel free to contact me for details.

Research interests

  • Computational vision (high-level vision, motion understanding, event recognition)
  • Computational hearing (acoustics, speech, music, signal processing)
  • Perception and Learning
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Industrial Wind Turbine Noise (audible and infra sound)


Latest work: J. Vanderkooy and R. Mann. “Measuring Wind Turbine Coherent Infrasound”. Wind Turbine Noise 2015, INCE/EUROPE, Monday 20th April to Thursday 23rd April 2015. Glasgow, Scotland.

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