Ontario: $1M wind turbine torn down after producing 91% LESS ENERGY than promised

Six years ago the government spent close to a million dollars putting up a wind turbine to power a commuter station west of Toronto.

Even when they announced it, they admitted the train station would still need regular electricity.

But it was a “green” symbol, right? That’s what really mattered to all the politicians and lobbyists.

Well, it’s 2015 now, and they literally tore it down.

The wind turbine was producing 91% less energy than expected.

If this were a private company, in charge of moving people around, someone would be fired. But it’s a government company.

So I checked the Ontario government’s “Sunshine” list, and guess who’s on it?

Meanwhile, the average Ontario household will see their electricity bills rise next year — to pay for more wind turbines!

follow link  to watch video report:  EZRA LEVANT


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