Ostrander Point ERT in Ameliasburgh

Media release

October 27, 2015

Ostrander Point ERT in Ameliasburgh

for immediate release

There was full house of PECFN supporters today at Ameliasburgh Town Hall. The ERT in the Ostrander

Point appeal re-convened to continue addressing the issue of remedy to the serious and irreversible

harm to the Blanding’s Turtle by the Gilead IWT project at Ostrander Point. On September 4 the ERT

issued an order to the MNRF to release all the documents relating to the Ostrander Point project. Now

that all documents have been released and time has been given for analysis the hearing is continuing.

Ministry of the environment and Climate Change approval for the Ostrander Point project was issued on

December 20, 2012. Over the past almost 3 years, we have worked through the ERT appeal, the

resulting Divisional Court counter appeal and the subsequent hearing at the Appeal Court of Ontario

which resulted in the order to return the matter to the ERT to hear the issue of remedy. PECFN has

stood fast with the help and support of many donors and friends throughout Prince Edward County and


We started the day with the continuation of the cross examination of Ministry witness Joe Crowley. Mr.

Crowley is a species expert with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry. His expertise is in

amphibians and reptiles specifically Blanding’s Turtles. Eric Gillespie took Mr. Crowley through his

released documents through which we were able to see exactly what his role had been in the issuance

of the permit to “kill harm and harass” species at risk at Ostrander Point.

After lunch at 2:30 pm Ms. Karen Bellamy took the stand. Ms. Bellamy is a manager with the

Peterborough office of Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry. The afternoon was spent in

arguments about whether she would be qualified as an expert witness on Blanding’s Turtles or on a

witness of fact only. Much time was spent on the documents disclosed as a result of the Tribunal’s

order and also on the documents disclosed as a result of Freedom of Information requests made by

South Shore Conservancy and PECFN. Finally, at 5:45 pm the Tribunal ruled that Ms. Bellamy would be

qualified as a witness of fact but not as an expert witness on Blanding’s Turtle.

The hearing resumes tomorrow at 9:30 am at Ameliasburgh Town Hall.


For information:

Cheryl Anderson




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