MPP Thompson Demands Safety Audits and Standards for Ontario Wind Turbines

Queen’s Park– In the House this morning, MPP Lisa Thompson (Huron-Bruce) asked the Liberal Minister for Environment and Climate Change to commit to conducting thorough, routine safety inspections on Industrial Wind Turbines (IWTs) after it has been reported that harmful direct impacts could be realized due to debris falling off.‎

It has been reported that farmers in the Municipality of Bluewater were being told to keep back 300 meters from IWTs due to potential direct harmful impacts, and to notify the wind farm operators when they are harvesting their crops near a turbine so that the blade rotation could be slowed.

“Not only has this Liberal government forced unwilling communities to host these expensive, unwanted turbines, they are now putting the safety of these communities at risk,” said Thompson. “Safety audits and standards should be routine in any large-scale industrial project, and failing apply them to IWTs is negligent”.

In his response, Minister Glen Murray did not commit to immediately conducting a safety audit of the wind farm in question through an impartial third party.

You can view Lisa’s question below:

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