Rally says industrial wind turbines Too Big, Too Close, Too Many

Residents and friends who believe Prince Edward County is the wrong location for industrial wind turbines vowed to continue their fight to protect the south shore and its inhabitants.

Too-Big-Too-Many-Too-Close-RallyA couple hundred participants at the ‘Too Big, Too Close, Too Many Rally’ joined hands Sunday and circled Mt. Tabor in a show of solidarity in disapproval of two wind projects that, if allowed to move forward, would result in “Too Many” – 36 industrial turbines in Athol and South Marysburgh townships – “Too Big” at 50 storeys each and “Too Close” for people and wildlife habitat.

The rally, hosted by the Alliance to Protect Prince Edward County (APPEC), featured an information session that included displays from other County groups including the Prince Edward County Field Naturalists (PECFN) and the Coalitition for Safe and Appropriate Green Energy (CCSAGE).

Donations for legal appeals were accepted by PECFN for their ongoing Environmental Review Tribunal (ERT) against Gilead Power’s nine turbines, expected to be continued in Demorestville at Oct. 27-29 and for the appeal by APPEC, over the wpd Canada White Pines project of 27 turbines that is expected to begin the first week of November in Wellington.

“It’s crucially important every seat at the Environmental Review Tribunal be filled for three days and ditto for in Wellington,” said councillor Steve Ferguson. “We have to let the tribunal know how people feel in South Marysburgh, and Prince Edward County at large.”

read more: http://countylive.ca/blog/?p=55741#.Vgnjyya7tNs.twitter

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