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The time has come.

Enough-is-Enough (1)It is time to stop the empty rhetoric, to stop the talk, to stop the torture by the tens of thousands of blades of Industrial Wind Turbines [IWTs].
It is time to walk the walk and ACT co-operatively by all levels of government – Federal, Provincial and Municipal.
Given all the laws, regulations, rules, mission statements, excreted by our political representatives, which we’re told are mandated to keep Canadians in safe and healthy environments, such as the Elder Abuse​ Act, Ontario Public Health Standards, Health Protection and Promotion Act, Radiation Emitting Devices Act,most Canadian Victims of Industrial Wind Turbines [IWTs] have not experienced ENFORCEMENT of those mandated protections.
An example of enforcement: a US District Court Judge … in California has ruled invalid a Department of the Interior regulation allowing wind energy … companies to kill bald and golden eagles for the next 30 years in the name of “clean energy”.
Yet, in Environmental Review Tribunal Case #14 – 064, p 8, Dr. Baines, qualified by the Tribunal to provide “expert” testimony as a physician and epidemiologist … opined that annoyance is not a health effect.
Why would Dr. Baines contradict the WHO which defines annoyance as an ADVERSE health effect? 
More empty words!
As well, the Council of Canadian Academies Report – Understanding the Evidence: Wind Turbine Noise, The Expert Panel on Wind Turbine Noise and Human Health, CoCA, 2015 (CCA Report ) found that annoyance CAN BE CAUSED by Wind Turbine noise … a CLEAR ADVERSE health effect. 
The symptoms I experience every time I’m forced to stay in my IWT toxic house began ~ two weeks after the 18 Vestas 1.65 MW IWTs were erected within the 3 km radius of my house in the Clear Creek/Cultus/Frogmore IWT ZONE.
The symptoms: stuffed ears
                          twitching muscles around the eyes
                          brain feeling like concrete – whirling around in the skull
                          sleep deprivation
                          lack of RESTORATIVE sleep – spiralling into daily fatigue
                          degradation of cells, tissues, organs
People who do not see me daily are shocked to see the deterioration in health of a previously healthy diabetic who was able to manage a rigorous election campaign as a candidate in Haldimand-Norfolk a few years ago.
Neighbours in the community and I have done everything we could think of to help ourselves, even going to the extent of performing a cross over study by renting sleeping accommodation ~ 40 km away from the IWTs where we slept deeply, soundly and restoratively, awakening refreshed and ready for a full day of work.  Unfortunately, we couldn’t afford to do this permanently and have dealt with our circumstances as best we could eg. when outdoor temperatures are between 50 * and 80 * F and the humidity is < 80%, my son has let me sleep in his 3 season trailer 16 km from IWTs, where, again, sleep is sound AND restorative.
After reading this letter, researching information which may have been hidden from you, please respond before the Federal election with an ACTION plan, updates every 3 months on the composition of an independent, unbiased research team of acousticians, physicists, medical specialists in the field of industrial illness, epidemiologists, [all independent of the wind energy industry], as well as Victims of IWTs, a detailed outline of the protocol they will follow in doing their research and the time when research results demonstrating the need to shut IWTs down to let people have restorative sleep, will be made available to both Victims of IWTs as well as the general public.
I look forward to your initial response as well as all those to follow.
Yours truly
Stephana Johnston

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