School turbines removed from Highland schools

Wind turbines are to be removed from all but one school in the Highlands because of safety concerns.

unnamed (1)The U-turn follows a protest over several years by campaigners angry about the lack of a buffer zone between the machines and pupils and staff.

Single turbines at four Caithness primary schools – Bower, Castletown, Crossroads and South – have already been removed.

Eight others, elsewhere in the region, will follow.

It is understood that the council is keen to relocate them to other properties it owns.

A council spokeswoman said: “We have recently undertaken a revised risk assessment in accordance with Health and Safety Executive requirements.

“We have taken all reasonable and practical measures to minimise the risks associated with having turbines in school grounds.

“However, we have determined that we cannot actively manage the perceived risks from turbines on school grounds and have decided to remove the turbines and relocate them.”

read more: The Press and Journal, 6 August 2015 by Iain Ramage

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