Smithville Train Station Yard Sale 2015

Mothers Against Wind Turbines held yet another successful yard sale at the Smithville Train Station on July 4, 2015 where its members welcomed old and new supporters as they looked  and browsed for bargains and treasures.  It is only with the support and hard work of so many that enables the work of MAWT.  The appeal hearing against the approval for the Niagara Wind project at the Environmental Review Tribunal (ERT) was held and saw the decision
released in May, which affirmed the approval as granted.  The decision was anticipated but it is not the end point for the community- it just means the fight moves on.

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Next steps are already being taken and in play as the members of the grass root group continues to work in unison with others to take measures to protect the environment, families, homes and community.  The “after the ERT” phase has commenced and MAWT members are hard at work to see justice served. Thank you to all of our supporters and the many members who have worked tiredly.   Wind Warriors standing strong and united in a global effort for
what needs to be and it will be.

Mothers Against Wind Turbines Inc.

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