More Turbines Threaten Haldimand Horizons

download (1)Haldimand county states it is an unwilling host but like a bad and unwanted smell even more wind projects keep blowing back in.  The current project- Townsend Wind, failed as a co -operative venture but is back as a new proposal and seeking endorsement.  The public “we tell you” meeting is scheduled for June 23, 2015 7-9 pm at the Jarvis Lions Club, 118 James St, in Jarvis.

Haldimand County states it is a non-willing host but has 205 industrial wind turbines and counting located within its boundaries.

“NOW THEREFORE be it resolved that Haldimand County Council will not be providing local municipal support to any application that will construct industrial wind turbines in Haldimand County.”

Haldimand- February 14, 2013

Time will tell if the tidal wave of invasive turbines has ebbed.

Townsend Wind Farm:

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