Port Ryerse beautiful vista threaten by Turbine Invasion

Schedule for Port Ryerse ERT Irvin v. Ontario, 14-064:


unnamed (1)Location:  Norfolk County Council Chambers   in Simcoe at 50 Colborne St. South, Simcoe. (Talbot St. entrance near Town Centre mall parking lot)


Wednesday June 3, 2015:


unnamed (2)10 am  – Opening Statements

11 am – 12:30 pm   Site Visit

12:30 – 1:30 pm   Lunch

1:30 pm on Appellant’s 2 witnesses:  Ms. Walters and Ms. Andrews and the Presenter Grant Church


Monday June 8, 2015:

unnamed (3)10 am – 11 am    Adam Rosso

11:15 am – 1: 15 pm   Dr. Mundt


2:15 pm  – 4:15 pm

Dr. Baines




The Tribunal  is poised for another resident stand-off  in the ongoing opposition to wind development. The Port Ryerse wind project (Boralex) appeal hearing  is set to start on Wednesday June 3, 2014.

unnamed  This is the wind power plant that will invade the known nesting Barn Owls that have created major delays while the MNFR figures out how they can yes to creating another exemption for a rare species.   The hearing has split the health and environmental portions.   The health appeal is proceeding and the residents have sent some photos and the following message  which makes for very sobering contemplation.


Port Ryerse, on the shores of Lake Erie Ontario:


“Save these photos…. it may not look like this soon.”

Photography courtesy of:  Earl Hartlen Photography www.earlhartlen.com

Resident suggestion for the Site Visit scheduled for June 3, 2015 1130 am:

“I sent in my recommendations for a site visit to start at the pier in Port Dover for all to look at the cliff towards Port Ryerse. I would also suggest that they go to the Port Ryerse pier and look toward Port Dover to see the ugly wind turbines. On a clear day you can count 36 of them miles away. The view of Port Dover can be seen in Turkey Point also 25 miles from Port Dover carried over the inner bay towards Long point. Here are more scenes of our serene beauty from Earl Hartlen, a local photographer.”    

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