March wind/electricity events in Haldimand/Norfolk

Upcoming Happenings

Monday, March 2: Next Era’s Open House re their Bat Study in their Summerhaven wind project area in Haldimand. Open House is from 5 – 8 pm at Fisherville Lions Community Centre, 18 Main St. West, Fisherville.

Tuesday, March 3: The folks who appealed the Port Ryerse wind project should find out today through a conference call about the info that MNR gathered about the presence of Barn Owls in Port Ryerse area. The ERT appeal hearing was delayed 5 months to allow MNR to assess if the owls were living there or just passing through. The ERT panel judges will also likely discuss whether the ERT hearing will begin on March 31 as planned or another date acceptable to all parties.

Wednesday, March 4: Lake Erie Connector 3rd Open House re the two 500 MW electricity cables being planned under the lakebed from Nanticoke to Erie County, Pennsylvania. Open House location is Nanticoke Hall, 38 Rainham Rd., Nanticoke from 3:00 – 7:00 pm. The cables will take electricity both directions so we’ll even be importing some “dirty” electricity from the heavy coal-burning states in the future.

See attached notice above.  (Lake Erie connector open house 3)

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