Words of Thanks to MAWT, very much appreciated! Thank You

Can’t say enough about how impressed I am with the way MAWT have brought their appeal case together and are presenting it.   And that’s only after two very brief appearances to show support, at the Preliminary Hearing and today.  

I will be there again, but quite honestly, being just an observer, and not a part of the Hearing,  I cannot see or hear the ERT Chair and his cohorts or any of the assembled lawyers for the proponents open their mouths without having a great urge to throw something at them!

Their arrogance and condescending behaviour is disgusting.  They all know they are defending the indefensible and yet continue to do so.

In response, MAWT’s Councel, and the one Witness I have heard, Bonnie, have been models of respect for the institute of the ERT.   If only the Chair, his Board and their collective lawyers could show that same respect, and even a shred of that honesty and integrity, there might even be a fair hearing.  It must be so frustrating, presenting a credible and proven case in such clear and unambiguous terms only to find the lawyers for the MoE and NRWC have no questions to ask because there are none that could possibly help their case.

Congratulations MAWT! You are doing such a fabulous job and as we all know, whatever happens, we have no choice but to fight on.

Good Luck, Andrew Watts

PS.I’m guessing you have read of the recent news out of Australia? There now exists a proven study of the negative health effects of turbine noise, including low frequency and infrasound, on families living in proximity to IWTs, all of whom reported ill affects going back 7 years I think.

They agreed to take part in the study, actually financed by the wind energy company involved, which is a first.  Despite backtracking by the company when the results came in it appears it may be a pretty significant breakthrough in an Australian state that is moving against IWTs and wind power!  

The claim is that the studies can be carried out anywhere and does not read as though it costs mega-bucks to do………….. You guys have enough on your plates at this time, but maybe this is something for the future?



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One thought on “Words of Thanks to MAWT, very much appreciated! Thank You”

  1. Congratulations to MAWT IOnc, for appealing the NRWC approval. Although the ERT has NEVER been an effective way to stop a project, you followed the regulations in spite of it. Even though the EBR instructed you to place FOI requests to get info and documentation, and in the end, even in disclosure the info was not provided, and even though your witness statements were stuck down to only a few pages, and even though you were faced with the impossible task of proving “serious harm” you did not give up. You can be so proud of your efforts and we, your community are eternally grateful for what you did for us.
    You are our hero’s.

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