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West Lincoln will never be the same

Grimsby Lincoln News

It’s final. The MOE has approved the NRWC project for Niagara.

imagesConcerned residents have spent countless hours and more hours of our time since the project was announced studying the maps, turbine locations, siting, possible health and environmental impacts and the project documents. We submitted almost 3000 comments to the MOE last January, with our findings and concerns, and have not held back on our research, and correspondence with government and local environment groups, in fact, just yesterday a letter was sent to the Ministry of Natural Resources about the required permits for this project.

Checking into the approval documents which we received since Nov. 15/14, it seems that NRWC has not been following up on our concerns, when the only change we find in the documents is that they have finalized the turbine choice and will be placing only six 135-metre tall turbines, and the rest will be 124 metres tall, which will alleviate most of the concerns about the distance from neighbouring properties (turbine height plus blade length).

The turbines will still be 3MW, so they are still the largest in North America. No changes have been made to the siting from schools, wetlands, migratory bird routes, road allowances, vacant lots, or for species at risk or bats and raptors.

The transmission lines are still above ground along our road allowances, exposing our residents in their homes to the hazards of electrical pollution, although a slight rerouting, bypassing Smithville has been made.

They will still be sending almost 700 truckloads of materials down our roads for construction of each turbine and they are only responsible for “reasonable “construction hours of work. NRWC has not yet removed three of the turbines from the project plan, and yet they plan to begin construction as soon as possible.

West Lincoln, my home township, will never be the same again if this project is allowed to continue as proposed.    

Please show your support to MAWT Inc., PO Box 132 Wellandport, LOR 2J0 with encouragement, finances and prayer

Nellie DeHaan,


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