November 25, 2014


The people of Ontario have been waiting for more than two years for Health Canada’s report on itsWind Turbine Noise and Health Study. On November 6, 2014, a summary of the results were released but still, no report is available or published. Similarly, no article has yet been published and the data and analysis are also not available. Higher research standards are expected for the $2.1-million, publiclyfunded study that is completed for Health Canada by Healthy Environments and Consumer Safety, the regulatory body. 

It is our view that the issues of process are important as, on the surface, the Health Canada summary eport appears to provide contradictory results. In some parts of the study results, it is claimed that no association between wind turbine noise and health effects were found. However, in other parts, high evels of annoyance were significantly linked statistically to wind turbine noises, with this annoyance then being linked to health effects.

In response to the release of the summary, Wind Concerns Ontario (WCO) immediately convened an expert panel1 of reviewers to analyze the summary report, as well as other available material including a PowerPoint presentation provided to us in a briefing session with Health Canada in Ottawa, on

November 7, 2014. 

The following report summarizes the conclusions that this panel has reached, based on the available information.

Click to access WCO-HCanResponseNov25.pdf

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