Dr. Robert Y. McMurtry Statement Related to Health Canada Study and Denise Wolfe Synopsis

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Breaking News from the North American Platform Against Wind Power:

Statement related to Health Canada’s flawed wind turbine and health study summary, Dr. Robert Y. McMurtry

November 9, 2014

On the heels of a media release by the North American Platform Against Wind Power, and on receipt of a sound exploratory synopsis (Denise Wolfe) of gaps and errors in methodology and design in the study/summary of Wind Turbine Noise and Health provided by Health Canada, Dr. Robert

McMurtry offers the following statement:

“I have just had the opportunity to review the Denise Wolfe DOCUMENT, and appreciate its obvious quality, reinforced by knowing something of her background.   The paper is a powerful statement that casts serious doubt on the recent Health Canada and CanWEA preliminary announcement, the background paper and related media statements. I am deeply saddened that the Ministry whom I was so proud to work for, appears to have fallen.”

“In addition, ongoing efforts will be made with our international network…

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