Nature Conservancy partially funded by wind developers

The Nature Conservancy (TNC) took out a full page ad in the November issue of Downeast Magazine to thank its benefactors. The list includes:

Wind Developers: First Wind, Emera Maine, Patriot Renewables, Brookfield Renewables (NH)

Contractors: Cianbro, Reed & Reed, James Sewell Co., Sargent Corp. 

Law Firms: Verrill Dana, Pierce Atwood, Preti Flaherty

Scenic Consultant: Terrence J. DeWan & Associates

Don’t get me wrong: I don’t condemn these companies for donating to TNC and I don’t condemn TNC for accepting their money.

But I do condemn the wind developers for having TNC testify in support of their projects without disclosing that there is a financial relationship between TNC and the developers, their contractors and the law firms retained by the developers.


Citizens’ Task Force on Wind Power – Maine


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