Falmouth Town Meeting Member Notice

Wind turbine noise : Regulatory, nuisance, human annoyance, infra-sound and low frequency

October 29, 2014

545107cbc6044How much longer before Falmouth Town Meeting Members figure out they have never been told the truth about wind turbine studies that included noise warnings from Vestas wind company , contractors and noise studies that referenced 99 homes prior to the installation of Falmouth Wind I ? The town went forward with the installation of Falmouth Wind II after all the problems with Wind I .

It is becoming clear that town officials had always known about the wind turbine noise. The State of Wisconsin is taking action against the wind turbines now.

How much more information before you understand your hurting your neighbors and friends

Brown County, Wisconsin Board of Health Declares Wind Turbines Health Hazard

“Brown County health officials have declared wind turbines a public health risk, but they haven’t determined how to put their declaration into action.”

“The county’s Health Board this month declared the Shirley Wind Farm operated by Duke Energy Renewables poses a health risk to its neighbors in the town of Glenmore. Three families have moved out of their homes rather than endure physical illness they blame on the low-frequency noise the wind turbines generate, according to Audrey Murphy, president of the board that oversees the Brown County Health Department.”

By Frank Haggerty (Open Post) Updated October 29, 2014

[truncated due to possible copyright] click on link to keep reading


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