mayor and council say the approval was done to protect the township’s interests.

When Casting your votes for Mayor and Councillors please choose ones you think are knowledgeable about the Green Energy Act.  People who are knowledgeable about Industrial Wind Turbines and the negative effects they are having on Rural Communities across the Province.

 We need a Mayor and Councillors who will continue to be a strong elected voice that represents the  residents of West Lincoln on the issue of Industrial Wind Turbines.   West Lincoln needs to continue to be part of the collective voices of 85 other “Not Willing Host” Communities across Ontario already. 

Please choose wisely….

Township negotiates turbine road use agreement

NRWC to pay township $5k per kilometre of transmission lines

Grimsby Lincoln News

unnamed (1)West Lincoln council has approved a road use agreement which will govern how Niagara Region Wind Corporation uses township roads to install the 44 of its 77 turbines in the township.

After months of negotiations behind closed doors, council approved the agreement Sept. 22 which not only governs road use during construction but over the 20-year lifespan of the project.

“Township council and staff spent many hours negotiating what we believe is the best possible agreement for West Lincoln residents, given that the Provincial Green Energy Act has removed planning authority for renewable energy projects from municipalities and the Electricity Act requires us to permit Utility Companies to have access to our road allowances for the construction, use and decommissioning of electricity infrastructure,” said Mayor Douglas Joyner.

Part of the agreement calls for the distribution lines to be buried and the transmission lines to be above ground. To cover maintenance costs, NRWC will also pay the municipality $5,000 per kilometre per year for the transmission lines.

NRWC is also required to provide the township with financial security in the amount of $1 million, which will be held during construction for security purposes and $5 million insurance.

Although the township has approved the road use agreement it remains staunch in its position as an unwilling host to industrial wind turbines. The mayor and council say the approval was done to protect the township’s interests.

The road use agreement can be viewed online at

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