West Lincoln Legal Fund Grows as More Residents Sign Up to Fight!

MAWT Inc. would like to thank everyone who came out October 16 for a Very Important Wind Turbine Information Evening.   We are always extremely  happy to see new faces and we’d like to welcome you to our E-mail updates.

After the presentations and updates were done practically everyone in the room gathered around a large map  that shows were each of the proposed turbines in the NRWC project are to be built.  They  learn their  “receptor #”  and  about the noise levels they will be subjected to.

It was encouraging to see so many of you open your check books at the end of the presentation and donate to our/your Communities Legal Fund.  We are well on our way to meeting our $100 000 goal but still have a ways to go.

We again encourage you to share what you learned with your family and friends.  This is a topic that should be the buzz of the community!!  Better now than AFTER they go up!!

Here is a link to  A form you can print off, fill in and forward to MAWT Inc with your donation.

THIS IS HOW YOU CAN MAKE A DONATION TO THE LEGAL FUND  Make a few copies and hand out to your family and friends. Thank You for your Help!!

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One thought on “West Lincoln Legal Fund Grows as More Residents Sign Up to Fight!”

  1. Fabulous event – I learned a lot. Thank you to the hardworking team at MAWT Inc for your passion in leading this charge.

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