Barn Owls – 1, Wind Turbine – 0


images (1)Barn owls -1

Wind turbines — 0



The MOE heard from the MNRF  ( they have added forests to their name) that they are investigating a barn owl siting  -Thank you Kathleen W. and James C. 

A stay in proceedings and construction has been accepted for one month. There are now different rules to play by… Interference with foraging area cannot be compromised while the investigation is proceeding.

No interference within 1 kilometer of the siting.  I need you all to be vigilant around the sawmill area.  If you see anything odd happening in the area call the police  at their information line   310-1122 and ask for a drive by

Meanwhile this may hold things up for a while. Yippee! 

We are hoping  the barn owls stay around for a very long time and that the MNRF does not issue  a go ahead with the construction.

Thank you for all who attended the meeting this morning.


A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable faith
in their mission can alter the course of history.
Mahatma Gandhi

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