55 + Industrial Wind Turbine Documentaries from around the World.

We would like to thank National Wind Watch for putting this list of Industrial Wind Turbine Related Documentaries and Videos together from around the world.  We appreciate the time and effort needed to comprise such a list.  Thank You.

  1. Welcome to Mars Hill (Maine; 22 min.)
  2. Voices of Tug Hill (Lewis County, N.Y.; 21 min.)
  3. Life Under a Windplant (Meyersdale, Pa.; 26 min.)
  4. Wind Turbine Strobe Lights and Eerie Noises (Fenner and Wethersfield, N.Y.; 7 min.)
  5. Industrial Wind Energy Information (compilation from above videos and the “Truth About Industrial Wind Energy” presentations; 39 min.)
  6. Wind Farm Issues — Compilation (Fife, Scotland; 6 min.)
  7. WINDFALL (Meredith, N.Y.; 1 hr. 23 min.)
  8. WIND RUSH (Ontario; 42 min.)
  9. La nueva conquista: Eolicos en Oaxaca (Mexico; 10 min.)
  10. Wind Turbine Syndrome, a matter of bad prevention? (Denmark; 13 min.)
  11. Wind Turbines and Public Health (Australia; 7 min.)
  12. No Safe Place (Prince Edward County, Ont.; 13 min.)
  13. The Falmouth Conference on Human Rights (Falmouth, Mass.; 5 videos)
  14. Wind Turbine Information Session (Scituate, Mass.; 2 hr. 10 min.)
  15. Potential Placement of Wind Turbines (Shelburne, Mass.; 1 hr. 57 min.)
  16. Realities of Wind Energy (Dekalb County, Ill.; 1 hr. 20 min.)
  17. Battery Blues (Hawaii; 4.5 min.) 
  18. This Is Green Energy? (Lowell, Vt.; 1.5 min.)
  19. Mad World of Wind Turbines (3.5 min.)
  20. Wind Turbine Construction (6 min.)
  21. Concrete Pour: Wind Turbine Foundation (Ireland; 5 min.)
  22. Europe’s Ill Win (25 min.)
  23. A Taste of What’s Planned (Whitelee, Scotland; 3 min.)
  24. Testimony: Wind Turbine Noise (Vermont; 19 videos)
  25. Living Near a Windfarm: Cape Bridgewater, Victoria (4 interviews)
  26. Victim Impact Statements: Australia (13 interviews)
  27. Interviews with Wisconsin Wind Farm Residents (5 interviews)
  28. Wisconsin Wind (Fond du Lac County and Lincoln Township; 1 hr. 49 min.)
  29. Throwing Caution to the Wind (Port Rowan, Ont.; 7.5 min.)
  30. Throwing Caution to the Wind (Barrington, R.I.; 17 min.)
  31. Helen Fraser Interview (Shelburne, Ont.; 21 min.)
  32. Amaranth Wind Turbines, Noise and Health: Barbara Ashbee Interview (Amaranth, Ont.; 17 min.)
  33. Pandora’s Pinwheels: The Reality of Life with Wind Turbines (Australia and New Zealand; 1 hr. 57 min.)
  34. Wind Turbines: The Test of Time (7 min.)
  35. What Wind Turbines Sound Like (Fond du Lac County, Wis.; 2.5 min.)
  36. Wind Turbine Noise and Shadow Flicker (Fond du Lac County, Wis.; 9 min.)
  37. Industrial Wind Turbine Shadow Flicker in Wisconsin 2008 (Fond du Lac County, Wis.; 2.5 min.)
  38. Wind Turbine Flicker (Scituate, Mass.; 7 videos)
  39. Shadow Flicker and Noise (Freedom, Maine; 3 videos)
  40. Shadow Flicker (The Netherlands; 3 min.)
  41. Foliennes — Éoliennes à tout prix? (Québec; 7 videos)
  42. The Truth About Industrial Wind Energy (Kansas; 12 presentations)
  43. Infrasound and Motion Sickness (Ontario; 18 min.)
  44. Noise of Turbine in Aberdeenshire (Scotland; 2 min.)
  45. Sound Recording (Wales)
  46. Wind Turbine Breaks Up in Storm (Denmark; 3 videos)
  47. Burning Wind Turbine (Portugal; 4.5 min.)
  48. Burning Wind Turbine (Indiana; 2 min.)
  49. Wind Turbine Fires (Germany)
  50. Washing Wind Turbine from Helicopter (Spain; 3 min.)
  51. The Battle for Cefn Croes (Wales; 3 min.)
  52. The Destruction of Cefn Croes (photo collection)
  53. Vulture Fatally Collides With Wind Turbine Blad (Crete; 30 sec./6 min.)
  54. A Rough Wind: The Impact of Industrial Windmill Facilities on Birds and Other Wildlife (Pennsylvania; 20 min.)
  55. Raptors and Wind Turbines (Norway; 6.5 min.)

More videos are available @ National Wind Watch in the Documents Library.

Also see more videos at the National Wind Watch You Tube page

NWW also recommends:

The Politics of Peat  RTE News footage of the bog slides caused by wind facility construction in Derrybrien and other sites in Co. Galway, Ireland

(compiled by the Scottish Wind Assessment Project)
Write to SWAP to obtain a copy.

Time to have your well water tested prior to wind plant construction.

 It is best to have your well water tested “before” any construction starts if you are any where near where a turbine is to be erected.  With potential blasting, digging etc. comes a potential that your well water will be affected.  When it comes to dealing with wind projects it is imperative that the public documents everything.  Without documentation there will be NO hope of proving that the project was/or could of been a contributing factor to the change in your well water.  WE must use the “precautionary principle” even if our Government and Wind Companies choose not to.

If you have lived for years at your current address and rely on your well then it is highly recommended that you get the testing done in the unfortunate instance that near by construction does have an effect, either disrupts the flow to your well or the water becomes un drinkable, other wise it will be difficult to prove that the construction its self may have been a contributing factor.

If EVERYONE gets their water tested PRIOR to wind plant construction and issues arise, all of those in an area could join forces, with documentation in hand making  it difficult for the courts to not take you seriously.

Remember to also get a COMPLETE Physical, blood tests, blood pressure, hearing….everything checked BEFORE the turbines start turning.  As with the Water Well testing these documents may be of great value later in the courts if needed.