Court asked to stop construction of huge Ontario wind farm

*LONDON: The stay application will be heard on Monday starting at 10:00am and will be heard in Courtroom 20 on the 14th floor.

Just FYI although the address is 80 Dundas Street, the entrance is on Queens Avenue.

Protest outside ogoderichf Courtroom in London on Sept. 22nd before the hearing. Hearing starts at 10:00, aim for 9:00am for protest!



The first court phase of a legal fight aimed at scuttling what would be one of Ontario’s largest wind-energy developments kicks off Monday with a farm family trying to force an immediate stop to its construction.

Documents filed in support of their request show Shawn and Tricia Drennan are concerned about the potential harm the 140-turbine K2 Wind project near Goderich, Ont., could cause them.

The Drennans are asking Divisional Court for an injunction against the ongoing construction of the facility pending resolution of an appeal against the project. They note Health Canada is currently doing a study to understand the impact industrial wind projects have on nearby residents.

“In effect, our government has relegated the appellants to guinea pigs in the name of green energy,” their factum states.

“The fear and anxiety with being a guinea pig is only further heightened by the knowledge that the Ontario Ministry of the Environment has placed a moratorium on off-shore wind turbines because the environmental impact on the fish is not known.”

Joining them in the construction stay application filed in London, Ont., are the Dixon and Ryan families, who are fighting the 15-turbine St. Columban wind project near Seaforth, Ont. The Dixons argue construction noise will hurt their eight-year-old daughter, who suffers from hearing hypersensitivity.

read more: COLIN PERKEL TORONTO — The Canadian Press Published Sunday, Sep. 21 2014,


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