The following article is why it is IMPERATIVE that West Lincoln comes up with a Road Use Agreement with the NRWC , in the event of its approval. One that will ensure that rural residents will be compensated for damages to their properties during the transport of the industrial components down our rural roads, and one that ensures the costs of repairing the roads to it’s pre- construction state does not fall to the municipality / taxpayers.  

These issues and more will be brought up at the West Lincoln Town Council Meeting SEPT 22  and residents are asked to attend and to provide input towards the drafting of the Road Use Agreement.

Surprise! NextEra skips on Adelaide-Metcalfe road damages from wind turbine construction

Township of Adelaide Metcalfe Administrator/Clerk’s Report September 15, 2014

Re: NextEra Kerwood Wind Inc. Damages Update

nexterror-under-destructionOn August 12, 2014, staff met with Mr. Jeff Damen, NextEra’s construction manager. The discussion revolved on the issue that NextEra had received the estimate for the damages done to the Township’s roads due to construction of the turbines. Damen indicated that he had spoken with his supervisors and related to us that they had no problems and would pay this amount to the Municipality and that they preferred that Township look after completing the necessary repairs.

We then contacted our solicitor, Mr. Barry Card, and he forward an e-mail to NextEra’s solicitor, Mr. Andy Gibbons, requesting confirmation that NextEra would send Township the funds and that the Township would proceed to carry out necessary road repairs on their behalf.

On August 20, 2014, Andy Gibbons informed Barry Card that the Township would receive something from NextEra very shortly.

On September 4, 2014, Barry Card sent an e-mail to Andy Gibbons to follow up on the matter. The reply from Mr. Gibbons said “I followed up accordingly” but with no explanation.

Road Supervisor, Eldon Bryant, has made many attempts to reach Mr. Damen phone, but has received no reply.

On September 9, 2014, Mr. Bryant sent an e-mail to Mr. Damen requesting an update on this matter, but again there has been no reply. This brings us to the issue that this repair work needs to be done. It is the Road Supervisor’s responsibility, under his job description as well as the legislation, to keep the Township’s roads safe. The issue with the cost to do these repairs is that this was not approved in the 2014 budget and that Council needs to determine where the funds for these repairs will come from. As of the day that this report is being written, the other issue now is that, should Council be in “Lame Duck” situation, the matter may have to be deferred until possibly after the Municipal Election. This report is to update Council on the issue.

via: Ontario Wind Resistance, Sept 15 14


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