Yard Sale Ready for Tomorrow and A visit by a Very Special Lady.

While the Mothers (and the guys) were busy setting up for Tomorrows Yard Sale we were visited by a very special woman whom most have heard about or have heard speak.

10430920_607447802709849_2650086089010286948_nStephana Johnston has lived beside a wind farm near Lake Erie since 2010.  She dropped by the Mothers Against Wind Turbines Inc.  to show her support by dropping off a van FULL of items for our Yard Sale, Sept 6.

And she bought some Raffle tickets as well!!  Good Luck, Stephana!!

10653802_607447819376514_8029953276855539632_nWe spoke with her and sadly she told how her health continues to slowly get worse.  How she is having difficulty keeping her sugars at good levels,  because her stress level is so high all the time having to live in her house.

She did however comment on how good she was feeling while chatting to us, mainly because it had been a bit more than 2 hours since she had left her house to come visit us.

This is an 85 year old who instead of enjoying her retirement travels to other communities to speak to rooms full of people about how the turbines have stolen her peace, her health, her home.

She tells residents that from inside her home, the neighbouring wind turbines sound like a Boeing 747 jumbo jet flying overhead

“It never goes away,” she said. “I can’t sleep with that going on.”

…AND then she travels two hours to contribute to  West Lincoln’s Fight against the NRWC project because she thinks it’s worth fighting for and doesn’t want what happened, is happening, to her to happen to you or your family!!

Hope you will think it’s worth fighting for too.  See you tomorrow. 🙂

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