Manitoulin needs turbine wakeup call

Be honest, would you go to the Manitoulin Island now??

Maintain the sacredness and sanctity of the Island


20140527-093614-gHey, Manitoulin Island, wake up! One of your greatest resources is eco-tourism, but those towering industrial-sized wind turbines are an unsightly welcome that are destroying the awesome experience of any visitor to the Island. More importantly, the turbine’s intrusive and horrific Gothic presence disregards a sacred obligation to protect one of the most beautiful bio-systems in the world. In addition, the Dark Sky Sanctuary that is an important global contribution is threatened by the towering night lights on the horizon.

Take the opportunity now to stop this intrusion that is defacing and devaluing the sanctuary of beautiful Manitoulin Island. Manitoulin could be a global leader if you can maintain the originality and sacredness of the Island that is a shining crystal for us all to behold. Like an invasive species, the influx of towers is turning visitors away and preventing them from enjoying the treasure they expect from an island gem, such as this.


Nicole Pepper and Anne Pepper

Toronto (Visitors for over 20 years)

The Matoulin Expositor, Sept 3 2014

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