Parker Gallant has questions for Energy Minister Chiarelli

Stipula_fountain_penParker Gallant has written a letter to Ontario Minister of Energy Bob Chiarelli, as a concerned citizen of Ontario. He has included a series of pointed questions on the energy portfolio in Ontario, specifically what value there is for taxpayers and ratepayers, and what the effect will be on the Ontario economy.   via:

Parker Gallant
August 11, 2014
The Honourable Bob Chiarelli, Minister of Energy,
Legislative Building,
Queen’s Park,
Toronto ON
M7A 1A1
Dear Minister Chiarelli,

RE: Electricity Questions:

As you may or may not be aware for the past several years I have taken an interest (some would say compulsive) in the electricity sector and during that time have written extensively in several media
outlets including the Financial Post. I also took directorships in organizations like Energy Probe and Wind Concerns Ontario  both of whom have expressed concern about the aggressive push, by your
government, for the addition of unreliable, intermittent and expensive wind and solar electricity generation. This letter is not meant to argue your support or otherwise of “renewable energy” but to present questions that baffle me and many others. The questions are outcrops of the various legislative and regulatory changes the OLP have made from within your ministry since first elected as the
governing party in 2003. The questions below are begging for answers so I would greatly appreciate your giving serious thought to them and recognize that the intent is for enlightenment. Convince me and others that your Ministry does have a plan that will present industry with competitive electricity pricing without driving residential ratepayers into “energy poverty”!

follow this link: To Read the Questions posed to the Minister of Energy

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