This Case is for the People Of Ontario…

The Residents of Ontario, especially Rural Ontario, owe a great deal of gratitude to SWEAR and the Drennan’s for taking on this Charter Challenge!

MAWT Inc.  Thanks You!!

  A win for them is a WIN for ALL Residents of Ontario!!  


CaptureSWEAR is a non profit organization dedicated to holding government accountable for the production of safe wind energy. SWEAR believes the government of Ontario did not exercise due diligence when crafting the Green Energy and Economy Act.  A very heavy handed approach was used.  Rural Ontario does not take kindly to this type of governance. The Drennan’s, members of SWEAR stepped forward in 2012 to be the named persons on the lawsuit.

         Although the Drennans’ name is widely known in this case, there is a broader public interest being served.

 “It has taken time to educate the public to the fact that his case is not personal to the Drennans, but the understanding is now clearly there.  This case is for the people of Ontario who want safe wind energy in their communities and beyond. The government says that massive industrial wind turbines are safe.  We, the people, are holding them accountable.”

follow link to read Court Docucments  and to DONATE!



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