Battle over Turbines Heating Up in West Lincoln & Niagara

  We are only just getting started Hope you can come out to Support our very own at the Appeal

 A big Thank You goes out to Anne and Deb for their continued dedication to the fight and for all the hard work they have put into preparing for this Tribunal.  All of West Lincoln’s, and Ontario’s , eyes will be on you!!

Hearing set for September 3th at Kerr Church

B821406432Z.1_20131006220008_000_GOB1386DL.3_ContentA report from the troops on the ground regarding the appeal Fairfield vs MoE.

The Appeal can go forward except for what the Tribunal has struck, in part, which includes the Gas Wells and electrical collector Lines & pipeline
Hazardous Waste
Health Issues
Charter Challenge under s. 47.5
……………so, only what was in the Amendment per se stays.
What is left for the ERT are:
  • the Property line setback issues
  • the Raptor post -Construction Monitoring
  • the Constitutional Challenge under 142.1 of the EPA.
So, what we have told the Approval Holder and the MOE / Att. Gen. is that we will be going forward ASAP to either an Appeal or a Judicial Review.  We would still like to go ahead with Mediation as discussed Wednesday, and would they provide Transcripts, even Drafts, as they did in the Wainfleet case which assisted in Closing Arguments, and would they please respond as to any points by next week.
But the Gas Well and Electrical Collector Line issue cannot be dismissed, even though it was not mentioned in the Amendment.
The Tribunal will issue an Order shortly with reasons to follow for its Disposition, which we think will include the above statement.

The ERT file may be found here

Fund-raising contact details to follow

The project in question: HAF Wind Energy Project

How Much Power Does A Turbine in Vineland Power project use?


Vesta V100–1.8 MW VCUS  (Pg 33 of 51)


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