The effects of noise disturbed sleep on children?s health and cognitive development

What about all the Children living in the lease holders homes where the turbines can be placed anywhere within the 550m (already to close) setback??

Conclusion: potential mechanism

unnamedStansfeld at al. (2010) mentioned several mechanisms by which nighttime noise exposure and sleep disturbance could lead to cognitive impairments. Evidence is still lacking but narrowing of the attention focus, impairments of auditory discrimination and speech perception, and communication difficulties in the classroom and learned helplessness were brought forward as plausible candidates. Especially the role of learned helplessness needs more attention. It is not clear yet if and how noise-related behavior in the long term has a negative influence on children’s health and learning. Evidence is increasing that chronic sleep disturbance can increase the risk of obesity and diabetes through the mechanisms of download (4)circadian disorganization and via this pathways could affect the cardiovascular system. Childhood elevated blood pressure is seen as a risk factor for hypertension. The mechanism of non-dipping of diastolic blood pressure might play an important role in this, as indicator of poor restoration during sleep. Finallychildhood noise related sleep disturbance could lead to more serious sleep disturbance and insomnia later on in life. And finally, new notions include the early gene-environment interaction model (Lupien et al. 2009) suggesting that lifespan exposure to stress influences brain structures involved in cognition and mental health and emphasize the importance of developmental sensitive periods. 
Future studies into the health effect of environmental noise exposure in early life should address these potential mechanisms and pay specific attention to the mediating role of sleep related aspects, including noise as well as other environmental exposures such as indoor climate and exposure to sounds and light from electronic devices.

read full paper here

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