Now take a breathe and don’t choke on your coffee….

How to Explain What Wind Farms Are to Children

say-whatKids are curious about many things, which is great unless you are at a loss about how to explain a concept. In order to be a successful teacher, you have to explain things in simple and easily understandable terms. You also have to make it interesting in order to capture a child’s interest and keep him or her from being bored. If you have a child interested in wind farms, follow some easy steps to explain what they are and how they are used in the world.


  1. Ask the children to tell you everything that they know about wind power and wind farms so that you have an idea of their knowledge base
  2. Explain about how wind is energy and that it can be harnessed to provide energy to electrical things that need energy to work.
  3. Tell the children that wind is a renewable resource, which means that it does not run out. The wind will continue to blow no matter what happens with resources such as oil and gas that will eventually be used up.
  4. Explain that a wind farm is a group of windmills placed throughout a geographic area. Instead of growing something, such as corn, a wind farm harnesses and produces electricity. A wind farm is also known as a wind power plant. Wind farms consist of anywhere from two to hundreds of windmills.
  5. Show the children a picture of a windmill and explain that the wind pushes the blades, which in turn spins a shaft that is connected to a generator which produces electricity. The generator connects to power lines where the electricity is sent to homes and businesses.

By Jennifer Leigh, eHow Contributor



follow this link and feel free to do some teaching of your own in the comments section.


3 thoughts on “Now take a breathe and don’t choke on your coffee….”

  1. I have been considering addressing “alternate” energy on our children’s blog—looks like this is a good starting place. I note the utter dishonesty in the use of the term “windmill”. These are NOT windmills—they are industrial wind turbines. And the energy is NOT renewable, it’s catch it when you can. My favorite term is “Energy from the Weather.” Best get to composing!

  2. I went back to check the page again to be sure of what was being “taught”. At the bottom of the page, under “What others read” are two articles on the Cons of Wind Farms and the Impacts of Wind farms. These actually do a fair job of explaining the down side. Since the articles are at the bottom of the page on the right, people may miss them.

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