Historic Corruption Trial Massachusetts

6883422-corruption-in-the-government-in-a-corrupt-system[,,,All three defendants in the Massachusetts Probation Corruption Trial have been found guilty. The three people were found guilty of federal racketeering, racketeering conspiracy and mail fraud…

…There are major question over the installation of commercial wind turbines in twenty one Massachusetts communities….

…Massachusetts citizens living near the turbines have been made second class citizens. The wind turbines cause health issues over lack of sleep from the poor placement of the turbines. …]

Historic Corruption Trial Massachusetts

f1287d2c5f730d540d1de648e0391cc3All three defendants in the Massachusetts Probation Corruption Trial have been found guilty. The three people were found guilty of federal racketeering, racketeering conspiracy and mail fraud.

This is the first of two trials. If any of the defendants are found guilty in the first trial then a second larger trial takes place.

The second trial will become the largest historic corruption trial in Massachusetts history.

read more: FalmouthPatch, Posted by Frank Haggerty , July 24, 2014

One thought on “Historic Corruption Trial Massachusetts”

  1. New Bedford 200 Million Dollar Banana Port Another Massive Renewable Energy Failure ??

    New Bedford, Massachusetts July 24,2014

    Massachusetts taxpayers need to know they are paying nearly 200 million dollars to build an ocean wind turbine port that will only ship fruit and general cargo into Massachusetts. This could soon become the largest renewable energy failure in Massachusetts in a long string of failures. The most notable is the 100 million dollar solar financial fiasco and then the poor placement of commercial wind turbines in twenty one communities.

    The New Bedford Marine Commerce Terminal is being built as an ocean wind turbine port to construct ocean wind turbines.

    The Massachusetts Secretary of Energy & Environmental Affairs Office testified before a Massachusetts House Bonding Committee in 2010 that they were sure Cape Wind would use New Bedford for its construction base.

    In 2009 the BOEM, Bureau Of Ocean Management and federal government issued permits to Cape Wind to use Quonset Point, Rhode Island as the construction base. In the permit it lists Falmouth and New Bedford as having three maintenance boats.

    The entrance to New Bedford Harbor at the hurricane gates is listed as 150 feet wide with a 120 wide clearance. Worldwide there are ships called jack up ships that are used to build ocean wind turbines. The ships used in Europe for wind turbine construction exceed the beam width of 140 feet.

    The United States has only one ship being built in New Jersey that has a width of 78 feet. There will only be one US flagged type construction ship in the United States that can fit into New Bedford Harbor. The you may want to look into who is building the ship and who the contractors are building the New Bedford Ocean wind port.

    Remember Governor Patrick and the 91 million dollar barge to no where ?

    The New Bedford terminal now faces another problem. Recently they found out they have to move an AM radio station because of 180 feet of wires on four acres of land. The station antenna is going to be moved by the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center to you guessed it : a residential community in New Bedford ! The Mass CEC has notified residents within 2000 feet of the antenna.

    The Massachusetts Clean Energy Center recently announce in a Boston business magazine that the port will be used to ship fruit and sugar into Massachusetts.

    Cape Wind has signed a lease with Quonset Point, Rhode Island .

    A. Massachusetts official ‘absolutely convinced’ Cape Wind will use New Bedford as primary staging area http://www.masslive.com/news/boston/index.ssf/2013/05/massachusetts_official_absolut.html

    B..3.2 Rhode Island Construction Phase
    The staging site for all Cape Wind construction operations would be located in the Port of
    Davisville at Quonset Point in Rhode Island. Most of the components, materials, and supplies
    are expected to arrive via cargo barge.

    http://www.boem.gov/Renewable-Energy-Program/Studies/FinalCapeWindConformityDetermination-pdf.aspx 1.It was reported the other day in the Boston news by Alicia Barton of the Clean Energy Center that a bigger focus will be on moving freight such as fruit,sand and industrial boilers rather than wind turbines in New Bedford.


    2. In 2012 federal officials had discussed the width of the hurricane gates at the entrance to New Bedford Harbor and clearances up to twice the width of the beam of ships.

    Click to access 526399.pdf

    3. The Port of New Bedford lists the clearence width at the hurricane gate as 120 feet. The gates can “accommodate vessels with beams up to 120 ft and with drafts up to 30 ft.”


    4. The United States only has one small US Flagged ocean wind turbine construction ship being built in New Jersey that has a width of 78 feet. The European fleet of ocean wind turbine construction ships sometimes exceed 140 feet.


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