What Wynne’s win means

“I’m still not sure how Ontario’s Liberal Premier Kathleen Wynne won a majority (Interview, July 7), but now we are subjected to four more years of monumental mismanagement.  Urban voters opted to “forget” about the costly scandals and investigations in our bankrupt, have- not  province and ask for more, especially when the most costly and deceitful scandal still flourishes: the Green Energy and Green Economy Act, dominated by the wind-turbine debacle, which has hog-tied rural municipalities and residents alike.  Wynne speaks about her progressive vision for Ontario, but those living outside her golden zone know it doesn’t include them as fundamental health and environmental protections and precautions have vaporized.

 Barbara Ashbee, Mulmur, Ont.”

 Published under Letters section page 6 Macleans July 7 2014

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