It even is against your own policy. Or it is a great lie.

Below are your statements copied from your company website: BORALEX / Under Sustainable Developement

“To grow while respecting our communities and the environment.Wind Power: The Ultimate in Clean Energy.. almost complete absence of environmental, visual and noise impacts makes wind power a source of green energy that is respectful of the environment and communities. Boralex operates and is building wind farms in France and Canada. For each of its sites, Boralex places great importance on working with the communities involved.” How can you justify these claims regarding your project in Port Ryerse!? ptryerse button dec 08There are over 400 “receptors” in this project, mostly opposed, who since the inception of this project have been fighting it, declaring themselves an unwilling host. This is a beautiful, recognized historic village in one of Ontarios most picturesque heritage landscapes, rich in diversity, ptryerseroadwebrecreational opportunities and with great pride of ownership, reflecting itself in the many beautiful properties, most within the unacceptable 550 m to 850 m range of the project. For most of these residents, the last couple of years have been a wrenching struggle to fight for their beloved homes against the multiple assaults and destruction this project would bring. ptryersechannelwebWe are aware you are proceeding on the “invitation” by this government’s heavy-handed policy, which denies the affected citizens any say in the matter and their democratic rights, and the hosting owners, who obviously do not care for their neighbours. Do you really want to be part of this injustice? This is a small project for you and surely not worth the great hardship and ill will it would bring to this beautiful hamlet. Has anybody of your company even been around here to have a look at it outside the 550 m setback!? Would anybody of your company want to buy a home here now!? ptryersebeach1webWe are not per se against green windpower (I drive a Prius), but please let us not destroy our finest landscapes and places of living with their industrial monstrosity. I urge you to abandon this project. It even is against your own policy. Or it is a great lie. Margrit Kapler Port Ryerse Toronto

2 thoughts on “It even is against your own policy. Or it is a great lie.”

  1. ‘There are 400 receptors on this project’….since when does 4 wind turbines become 400 receptors. Please, would some clarify all this. It’s always good to read facts.

  2. “Receptors” is a term that renames people and their homes, who would be the for the majority unwilling recipients of the noise & other emissions from a wind power installation. Noise studies for a renewable energy approval (REA) only include homes within 1.5 km of the turbines. Port Ryerse is a small hamlet. Your can review the proposed wind project details at the following website:

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