The first 3 MW Capacity Turbines in Ontario are up and running…and so are the complaints.

In West Lincoln we will be keeping a close eye on the complaints coming out of Brinston. They are the un-lucky FIRST Residents in Ontario to have to live among the 3MW Capacity Turbines. The SAME size that the NRWC propose for West Lincoln. 

Brinston residents: call toll-free number to complain about turbine noise

168191The South Branch wind “farm” has only been in operation for two and a half months, but already people are talking about the noise and vibration from the turbines. Last week’s super-windy days were especially troublesome. The turbines are 3-megawatt capacity, the first of the powerful turbines to be operational in Ontario … for now.

read more: Ottawa Wind Concerns, July 7 2014

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