Mothers Helping Mothers

This request goes out to all Mothers to answer a call for Help sent to us from a Mother of two small Chirldren  who lives in North Wales.

“I would be grateful if who ever can could support my family and I in North Wales against this proposed turbine application!

It’s proposed less than 450m from our house and we have 2 young children!

Thanks for your support!

Please support us by rejecting the planning application for a wind turbine 67m HUGE (73m to top of the blades) less than 500m from our home.

  Please think of Martha and Lago playing and sleeping under such giant alien structure whizzing around constantly!

You don’t need a medical degree to know that this is not fair on a child!

Just a small sentence to support us with your objection will mean a lot to us!


Application details (C14/0479/37/LL)

Link to council website is above!  Any more information inbox me! (on Facebook)

Sioned Enlli-Morgan

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