Reporting Concerns and Complaints about Wind Projects in Niagara:

Follow links provided below for a printable information sheet with the numbers for reporting complaints, for Haldimand and West Lincoln.

Please keep these numbers handy and use them if and when you find a need to use them.

mzl.sfawjecoReporting Concerns and Complaints about Wind Projects in Haldimand County

Reporting Concerns and Complaints about Wind Projects in Niagara


Dear friends:

Since June 20, the Vineland Power turbines are approved (again).

It is important that you report any and all issues or annoyances that you experience to the MOE and to Vineland Power.

I understand that Vineland Power must post these numbers, and that they should have supplied this information to all receptors.

 However, this has not been done, so we are reminding you again of the numbers and of the need to report anything, no matter how in significant you think it is. 

Keep a record of all incidents and all contacts that you make, with dates and who you speak to and what they do about it, and then forward all the information to WLGWAG

If you live more than 1500 M from the nearest turbine, apparently they do not want to hear from you, but you should call them  since they want us to believe that their setbacks are sufficient and that those living further away will not be effected in any way.

1) Ministry of Environment & CC Niagara District Office at 905-704-3900 during normal business hours, or to the Spills Action Centre after hours at 1-800-268-6060

2) Vineland Power Inc. public line at 289-447-6112 for further information or to report a complaint.

Make sure you call both numbers: this holds them accountable.

West Lincoln, Glanbrook Wind Action Group. June 20 2014

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