Research by CERN Indicates Trees and CO2 Help Keep the Earth in Balance

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Investigate Magazine — May 18, 2014

Research by CERN on how clouds form has found emissions by trees and galactic cosmic rays are two primary drivers of cloud formation, which in turn helps cool the planet by reflecting sunlight off the cloud layer.

Although not expressly stated so bluntly, the research suggests a CO2 cycle has kept earth in balance – the more CO2 in the atmosphere, the faster and bigger that plants grow, and the more that plants grow the more their emissions help form planet-cooling clouds.

The full press release from CERN follows:

Geneva 16 May 2014. In a paper published in the journal Science today, CERN’s* CLOUD** experiment has shown that biogenic vapours emitted by trees and oxidised in the atmosphere have a significant impact on the formation of clouds, thus helping to cool the planet. These biogenic aerosols are what give forests seen from afar their…

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