MAWT-WLGWAG Information Night – May 7th

Unite The Fight- May 7th 2014
Location: Silverdale Hall; West Lincoln, Ontario

Pictures and write up submitted by Linda Rogers

It was a full house once again at Silverdale Hall in rural Ontario.  People had come to hear the latest updates and  information  about various wind installations and legal and community actions being taken, not only locally but across the province.   The night  was co- hosted by WLGWAG (West Lincoln Glanbrook Wind Action Group) and  MAWT (Mothers Against Wind Turbines Inc).

The following comment captures the themes of the night well:

“Really proud of my communities tonight and the people that live in them. When I have seen old time photographs of towns holding community meetings to come together to discuss or combat some issue facing them I envied their connection to one another.  I guess out of bad, some good always comes.  If we lived in a perfect utopia we would never appreciate what we have because we would never understand what it would mean if it was taken away. Democracy and community has never seemed so fine and precious as it has these past few years.”

Differences are being set aside and people are focused on the fight against the unwanted and harmful industrialization of our countryside by wind development.  Community action at a grass roots level is a growing force to be reckoned with.


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