Hawaii’s Wind Turbines are Taking a Toll on Endangered Species (The Industry says it’s a “net benefit”)

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Watch the video accompanying this article and listen to the wind industry rep talk about how, in spite of these deaths, their turbines have a ‘net’ benefit.

Meanwhile, environmentalists turn their backs and say, “Collateral damage.”

Andrew Pereira — KITV4 news — May 2, 2014

HONOLULU —Hawaii’s push toward green energy is having an impact on flying creatures who live next to wind farms or traverse the spinning turbines, some of which stand 493 feet tall at the highest blade tips.

According to data provided by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, 195 birds and bats and one moth were killed by five of the largest wind farms on Maui and Oahu since August 2007. KITV4 obtained the information after filling a Freedom of Information request with the agency.

“Unfortunately, that may just be the price we have to pay for wind energy, renewable energy,” said Angela Huntemer, a North…

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