Wind Concerns asks Ombudsman to investigate wind power approvals


April 14, 2014

Wind Concerns asks Ombudsman to investigate wind power approvals

Wind Concerns Ontario, the coalition of individuals and community groups concerned about the impact of large-scale wind power projects, sent a letter to Ombudsman of Ontario, requesting an investigation of aspects of the approval process for wind power projects.

“Our members, and Ontario municipalities, are very concerned about the lack of transparency that appears to be the hallmark of the approval of these power projects,” says Jane Wilson, president, Wind Concerns Ontario.

“For example, the Ministry of the Environment has ‘deemed complete’ documentation for some projects when in fact environmental studies and assessments for emergency response and aviation safety are not complete and in some cases absent entirely,” Wilson says. “This is not acceptable, and not the ‘fair’ and ‘transparent’ process the government claims it fosters.”

At least one Ontario community has already taken legal action based on the fact it believes documentation to be incomplete: the citizens’ group in Amherst Island filed for a judicial review in March, citing numerous flaws and deficiencies in the wind power developer’s application.

Wind Concerns Ontario also asked about the appropriateness of large wind power developers offering money to municipalities in return for an expression of municipal support, referring to Samsung’s recent offer to the community of Southgate, which was eventually refused by the local government.

“This looks  like Ontario’s small towns are literally up for sale to huge power developers,” Wilson explains.

Ontario municipalities are being allowed to have more input into decisions about large-scale wind power generation facilities, but still do not have a “veto” according to the Minister of Energy, despite community concerns.

View the letter to the Ombudsman here:

April 2014 Ombudsman Letter

Original Article Here:

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