3 thoughts on “Save Ostrander Point Gala Dinner-SOLD OUT”

  1. Appointed would highly suggest you get personal invitations sent off to Bernard Lord,recently appointed Chairman of OPG. Perhaps he could be asked to be a guest speaker. He let everyone know how he’s going to go about fighting that cancer over at their. This is the organization where 62% of the staff earn over a 100,000. a year. And then there’s the 448 plus that are earning over 200,000.a year. That 448 was at the end of 2012,several more no doubt were added in the last 14 months.
    I know it’s not a nice way to say it but the OPG and Hydro One are a cancer in the economy of Ontario and will bring the Liberal party to their knees in the next election.
    P S: If Lordy turns down your invitation be sure to get one off to Sandra Pupatello,recently appointed Chair of Hydro One. She could tell everyone about how she plans to clean house over there too.

  2. I am certain both would be delighted?? to receive invites to this fundraiser but attending would be a whole other matter. And Sandra Pupatello…really????? Is there not one person here in Ontario who didn’t do the eye roll when she was appointed Chair of Hydro One. The Liberals are not even pretending to run this province responsibly. Its like one long Monte Python skit except I no longer enjoy the twisted humour. Its downright scary is what it is. In the end they’ll all skip off to Costa Rica with their severance and retirement packages and we’ll be left here in the frozen wasteland of Ontario to clean up their ‘green’ environmental and economic disaster. (Well it is frozen today anyway at -18 C and piles and piles of new snow).

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